Are you a sailing fanatic and like to be able to go to cities with exciting beaches, then look no further than Miami. It is one of the most popular sailing destination in all of America. It is location that attracts millions of people from all over the world to engage in water activities. The area is open year around and has many historic places that you can visit to have a taste of the diverse history that Miami encapsulates. The place is filled with modern activities in a scenic background that will enable you to have fun while indulging all sorts of water and land excursions.

The city is famous for its sandy beaches, warm weather and incredible nightlife. People in Miami know how to have a good time and they are willing to share it with the rest of the world. Rent a yacht and get the ability to be able to roam around the different islands and marinas that Miami has to offer. Renting a yacht will help you in get to places around the area in a faster way. You will also be able to move around more than people who are in cars. Sailing a yacht is also a completely different experience as you will be able to come closer to the great waters that Miami has. Yacht Charter Miami is one of the most famous yacht for rent Miami businesses that you should contact. Following are the top five places that you must visit when you are in Miami to be able to make the most of your vacations. These places offer you a unique experience filled different activities that will complete your vacation to Miami.

The Miami Beach Architectural District

The Miami Beach is one of the most luxurious beach in the city of Miami. It is a place where you can find all the different things that Miami is famous for i.e. quality music, sun tanning and stunning parties. This is a beach where people go to have fun with their friends. The South beach is famous among the party goers and you will not even have a minute of boredom on this beach. Many yachts are docked around this area as people want to be able to participate in the fun activities happening here. Towards north of the beach you will be able to find one of the most historic places in Miami which is famously known as Miami Art Deco District. Many people also know it by the name of the Old Miami beach historic District. It is a luxurious famous for the mansions developed by famous and rich people. This is also the area where the famous Italian fashion designer called Gianni Versace was assassinated. He was killed in a mansion and to this day it is listed as the one of the top three most photographed homes in the United States, it rivals the likes of Graceland and White House whose significance can be said to be more than it. The area also holds historic significance as it is a district which was populated during the 1900s and a large number of houses that were built during that time are still standing. The exact number of historic houses in this area is around 960. These houses provide a distinct vibe to this area and make it stand out amongst other famous places in Miami. The houses stand out against the modern backdrop with their distinct architecture. Once you take a walk around this area, you will be able to tell exactly how the portholes and the neon light gives a feel of the jazz era. The splendor of Miami Art Deco District is something that you should not miss during you stay in Miami. Boat for rent Miami is one of the best methods to be able to enjoy this historic location.

Nixon Sandbar

Miami night life is one of the most hyped up activities in the city. People want to be part of the fun and games that go around in these extravagant parties. They are a great place to have fun with friends and family alike while meeting the locals and getting an introduction of the local culture. Sandbars are popular places for such an evening. These are places that go under the water when tides are high but when the tide is low such places can be easily used for docking you yacht and enjoying an evening of partying. You cannot get a better entry to the Miami night life than the Nixon sandbar. It is one of the most popular place to dock your yacht and mingle with the locals and foreigners. People from all over the city come to the Nixon sandbar to have a good time and enjoy their evenings. Even with the large crowds that are drawn in by the Nixon sandbar, the area is kept clean and is an idle place for families who want to have a good time and also let the kids run along. The beach water is crystal clear and gives you a chance to have long walks on the seashore while holding onto your favorite cocktail. It is also a great place to meet new people and form friendships and connections. It is also called one of the top picturesque places in Miami as it holds a unique attractiveness. Mega yacht for rent provides you one of the best means to roam around the area and enjoy its waters.

SeaSpice Restaurant – Miami River

Everyone who comes to Miami wants to visit the SeaSpice restaurant. It is considered one of the top places for eating out and shopping in Miami. Built along the Miami River, the area has a large number of boutiques, shops, markets and restaurants for people who want a taste of the luxury that Miami has to offer. The place is filled with high end stores and offers you a chance to shop for any luxury items that might catch your eye. Many people rank it as a must visit place when you are in Miami. It offers you a chance to be able to look around Miami even when your main focus in sailing on your mega yacht for rent. This market has been developed keeping in mind that many people want to be near beach and tend to not go towards the main stream markets which are situated far away from the beach. It is perfect place for the people who want to shop but cannot bear to be away from the calm and relaxing Miami beaches.

The restaurants in this area understand that the customer wants to have a taste of the river. Hence, they focus on preparing seafood items for the customers. Most of the ingredients used in these restaurants are fresh catches from the river and offer customers a unique experience that they will not be able to enjoy anywhere else. The restaurants are also known for the view of the Miami River that helps people in just being able to enjoy the scenic views of the river while having a freshly made meal. SeaSpice restaurant has been able to attract the attention of the masses because of its unique offering to the customers. The brunch and lunch offered by the restaurant are famous throughout Miami coupled with delicious cocktails; the restaurant is on the must go list of many visitors of Miami.

Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is located between Key West Island and the Gulf of Mexico. It was established in 1992 and covers an impressive area of around 64,000 acres. The area is said to be one of the one of the most ideal places for snorkeling as the waters are very clean with beautiful expense of coral reefs. The Dry Tortugas National Park consists of seven small islands, most of the area of the park remains under water. The beauty of the park is that it remains open year around and you do not have to wait for a certain period to go. The Fort of Jefferson is also one of most beautiful forts built near the seashore. It is an incomplete fortress but its beauty has not been diminished with time. It is essential to remember that Dry Tortugas National Park is located at a distance from Miami, which gives you the perfect chance for mega yacht for rent for this multi day trip. You can make the most of this trip making stops along the way in the different marinas. Swim around a bit, snorkel and have fun. This is a trip that will have enjoy one of the finest things that Miami has to offer. It is important to remember that you must obtain a boating permit from Garden Key to be able to perform recreational activities in the Dry Tortugas National Park. More information on this free boat permit is available on the website of the National Park Service. This is a key detail which can cause a significant delay in your snorkeling plans, hence you should prepare for it in advance and obtain the necessary permits.

Crandon Park – Key Biscayne

For people who want to go sailing but do not want to be hooked to the sea, Crandon Park is one of the most ideal place. The park covers an extensive of 808 acres and has been built in the Metropolis area of Miami. The park has been developed keeping in mind that people want to be able to perform recreational activities other than water activities. The park will provide you with a chance to go for biking and hiking. It is also installed with state of the art tennis and golf courses, with a view of the beach that you always access easily. The park has also preserved the ecosystem that Miami is famous for including hammock, mangroves and sea grass beds. The park is an ideal place to be able to enjoy the natural beauty that Miami has to offer in a serene and calm place away from any distractions. This is a place where people who enjoy different activities can have a fun time while staying close to nature.

What Do You Need To Visit These Places

The most basic thing that you will need when going to the five destinations I have shared with you is to a mega yacht for rent. Renting an Azimut yacht for rent Miami might seem like a difficult task to a new comer, however it is one of the simplest tasks. The Azimut yacht for rent Miami business is booming in Miami because of the high demand of yacht renting. People want to be able to have an Azimut yacht for rent Miami while they are on a trip to Miami as it is one of the easiest and best way to move around the different islands. It increases the mobility of the people and also enables people to be able to enjoy the deep waters that Miami has to offer. Renting a Azimut yacht for rent Miami is as simple as renting a car, you just need to look around for a company suits your needs and wants and is able to cater to your individual tastes.

The Best Place To Rent A Yacht

The best place to rent a yacht is Yacht Charter Miami. It is one the top rated services in the city and has a large customer base. Many loyal customers swear by Yacht Charter Miami because of its attractive rentals and the ability to satisfy customer need. Yacht for rent Miami is their main business. They ensure that the yacht for rent Miami is in top notch quality and you do not have to face any issues. They keep various models of yacht for rent Miami so that an experienced seller can choose any yacht that he/she wants for rent.

They understand that boat for rent Miami might be a new concept for many people. They ensure that people are able to rent a yacht that they like. The assistants in the organization have been helping people in renting a yacht for a long time. Yacht Charter Miami are professional and courteous while explaining the different processes that boat for rent Miami requires. Once you rented a yacht you will be able to freely enjoy your vacation. The yachts for rent are also provided with staff depending on your need so that you do not have to worry about a thing while you are on the boat for rent Miami.