When you are going to a new place for a few days it is essential to thoroughly research it and have a rough idea of the place you want to visit, the different activities that these places offer and how you are going to commute from one place to another. Many people tend to have heard about some of the most famous places at their destination. However, they do not realize that such places that to have a very high ratio of tourists which makes them completely miss the real beauty of the city they are visiting. They tend to miss the places where the locals go to have fun. Such places are the real hidden gems because they are famous among the people who can visit at the drop of a hat yet choose to keep going back. In such places you are able to see the true difference in the culture of your city and the new place you are visiting.

The same is true of Miami, it is a city that caters to visitors from all over the world. The city is always of hustle and bustle and at times as a tourist you feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of people present in the city at any given point in time. However, there are still places where people can go to have a clam and quiet evening with their loved ones while enjoying the great landscape and crystal clear beaches that Miami is famous for. Here is a list of some of the best places that you can go to in Miami. These are some of the hidden gems of the beach city as few people know about them.


  • Caladesi Island State Park

Caladesi Island has been called as the little hidden paradise by many nature lovers. It has also been voted as in the top 7 beaches of America. It is one of the places that are not known to a large audience which means that at any given point the number of people visiting this island are few.   This is not a single island, but a group of several small islands. The islands are located near the Gulf coast. There are only two ways to access the Caladesi island State Park that is through Dunedin in a boat. The island has beautiful clean beach filled with sand that shimmers in the afternoon sunlight and clear, clean sea water. The area seems like it came out from a fairy tale because of its beauty. This should be the top destination of people who get Azimut yacht for rent Miami for their vacation in Miami.  

  • Oleta Park

Oleta Park consists of beautiful hammocks and large mangrove trees. These trees surround a natural oasis and provide one of the most stunning view of the waterway in downtown Miami. This is another hidden gem located in the heart of Miami. The crown of being the largest park in Miami also goes to Oleta Park which is located in an urban location. It is also known as the green oasis because of the existence of the waterway and the mangrove trees on the location. The park is also filled with water sports and other activities such as fishing, riding, kayaking, climbing and canoeing. It is a famous place where you can enjoy with your family without having to worry if any of the family member will be left out. You can easily play different water sports using your boat for rent Miami in the Oleta Park.

  • A Hidden Pearl 

This relatively unknown beach, voted as the best beach by local publications for its free green spaces and lovely walk trails, is perfect to avoid the crowds gathering in South Beach. The North Shore Beach is surrounded by lush mangrove shrubs, while the North Shore Park is a perfect blend of impressive background of crystal-clear waterfront and smooth beige seashore. In other words, it’s one of those places in Miami that you can’t miss, especially if you’re interested in spending time with family and friends.

  • Matheson Hammock Park

This is a location most loved by the local people of Miami. This is park covering over an area of 130 acre. Located in the south of Coconut Grove. It is a place where you go for kiting boardin, one of the best activities to indulge in while you are in the windy beaches of Miami. The park is managed and owned by Miami Dade County and once you visit this place you will also be in awe of how well managed the area is. Dinner in this calm sea breeze will definitely act as a healer to your soul and help you in gaining the refreshed mindset that you are looking for. The park has been built keeping in mind that the natural beauty of the landscape is not disrupted which has led to the development off natural trails and landscapes that will take your breath away. This is one of the best to take your picnic and enjoy the beautiful sunset of Miami amid the lushes trees and extensive green grass.

  • Homestead Bayfront Park

Homestead Bayfront Park is referred to as by many people the tropical paradise of Miami. It is located in Homestead towards the north of Florida Keys. The tropical scenery in this park is one of the most beautiful in all of Florida which is the reason why it has become popular among visitors. This is a great place to take a pit stop from sailing. If you did not previously had a yacht, this is also the place where many locals place their boat for rent Miami. You will be able to get fuel for your yacht at this park because of a state of an art fueling station built in this place. Many boats dock at this place to take rest and enjoy all things that the Bayfront Park offers. One of the best ways to enjoy Homestead Bayfront Park to the fullest is to sail your boat for rent Miami to a nearby beautiful island, Elliott Key.

  • Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Want to know about a park that was recognized by Forbes as being the best beach in the country. Then look no further, in 2013 Forbes named Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park as the 7th best beach in all of America. This park has been named after the editor of the Miami News, Bill Baggs. This is a place that has remained relatively unknown to the masses because of the popularity of Crandon park beach. It is considered as the perfect place to escape from the party mood of Miami. It is one of the less crowded places in the city. Furthermore, the park is not small and consists of sandy beachfront with many spots for camping and picnicking. One of the most loved attraction of this park is an old standing light house. It was built in the 1825 and has a very historical outlook from a construction perspective. This is the best place to enjoy a calm vacation in Miami through mega yacht for rent Miami.

  • Haulover Beach Park

Haulover Beach Park is nicknamed as the surfer’s dream. This is the second beach park that is operated by the Miami Dade County. Moreover, it is not far from the main beach which means that you only have to travel a few miles towards the north from Miami to be able to reach this park. It is located between the Sunny Isles beach and Bal Harbor, making it one of the most easily accessible beaches in Miami. It covers an area of 177 acres in addition to a 1.4 mile beach area which is one of its best kept secrets. This is a place that is very near to Miami Beach but receives far less attention from tourists and visitors. People tend to completely ignore it which is why this is a haven from surfers. You can enjoy the calm sea while indulging in some of your favorite sports while not having to worry about a crowd of people. Mega yacht for rent Miami is one of the best to access this beach and your day in crystalline sand.

Yacht For Rent Miami To Visit Your Dream Destinations

Hope you now have a clear understanding of some of the best secrets of Miami. These are places that will not only enrich your soul but help in creating an environment where your mind can be calm. These are places that have developed in such a way that you can have a quiet time with your family while also indulging in water supports depending on your mood. It is essential that Miami caters to people who do not like the night life to be loud and instead want to walk bear feet on the crystalline sandy beaches of Miami. Now, let us sort out the best way to reach these destination in the limited amount of time that you have taken out for vacationing in Miami. The best transport in Miami is a yacht as it keeps you in the sea and away from the crowds. All the above mentioned destinations have special arrangements for customers using a yacht to travel. You can easily dock your ship, get fuel and enjoy your stay at the destination of your choice.

Mega yacht for rent Miami will give you mobility that you require to be able to enjoy your trip. It will also help you in wandering in the deep sea and indulging in sailing which is one of the most thrilling yet relaxing activity one can do. It helps in increasing your level of concentration while also giving you a sight of the breath taking views that Miami has. Mega yacht for rent is one of the most famous ways of going around Florida. People do not want to use cars, trains or buses for moving from one place to another, instead they prefer yachts for travelling as the activity is exhilarating.

Best Place For Yacht For Rent Miami

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Enjoy Miami To The Fullest 

After knowing that yacht for rent Miami will be an important and crucial of thei trip, many people get scared and think that they will not be able to manage a yacht as they have never done it before. However, the process of yacht for rent Miami is very simple; Yacht Charter Miami will guide you in this process. You can complete the process before reaching Miami or you can do it once you are here. Some basic information and documents will be required for this purpose. Since government level permission are required, documentation is a necessary step. However, the documents required are very basic and you will have them on hand. Yacht for rent Miami will help you in fully immersing in the beauty of Miami and enjoying your holidays to the fullest. You will be able to make the best of every second of you stay in Miami.